Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Evolution of Lighting Your Room

Ever since the light bulb was invented, mankind has relied on “flipping switches” to turn on the light and brighten up their spaces. With technology advancement, light sources have changed over the years - from incandescent bulbs to fluorescents, and now LED light bulbs. Similarly, it's not only the source that witnessed improvements, but the switch plates used to cover the wiring has also undergone changes.

There were a number of big transitions in light switches as well before the rocker came into being. Early technology consisted of push buttons which were built in sets of two for every bulb – you used the first button to turn on the light while with the second one turned it off.

After the earliest push buttons, pull ropes and toggle switches were next, followed by rocker switches. Now with audio and motion sensors, lighting technology has definitely come a long way. The often forgotten switch plates have too followed the same journey of transformation and are now available in various designs and colors. But even color and designer options are often less than ideal for finishing out your space.

Decorative and colored switch plates certainly do improve the look of your rooms. However, you are limited to the designs, themes and colors that the manufacturer chooses. Why settle for the same old boring switch covers. Make a bold statement with your own color or decorative detail on your wall plates? You can find paintable switch plates and paintable outlet covers in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate most home applications. With 4 different textures to choose from, easily paint your wall plates to provide an exact and seamless match to the rest of your color scheme.

Once you are ready to get started on a renovation job, make sure to swap all your boring wall switch plates with new hand painted artistic and brightly colored decorative wall plates. Personally decorated switch plates in home design are regarded as elegant finishing touches, so order your paintable wall plates today.


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