Monday, 28 October 2013

An alternative to boring colored decorative switch plates

In today’s design savvy society, switch plates come in a small range of colors and designs. Further, choosing the most appropriate color for the switch covers can be daunting as you “try” get the color plate “closest” to your wall color.

When exploring colored wall plates, consider paintable wall plates that give you a truly exact match to the color and texture of your walls. Don’t painstakingly try to access the paint hue and match the colored wall plate. You can buy designer switch plates that are paintable and textured to correspond with the color of the wall. Paintable switch plates easily blend in as part of the overall décor of the room. Alternatively, paint your switch covers in contrasting or complementary colors custom to your room. You can create a bold and stylish look by painting orange colored wall plates in your room with light blue walls.

Make it more fun in your bathrooms and kids rooms by painting custom designs on the plates or choosing bold colors. You can add fun and exuberance to a kid’s room by adding bright and colorful wall plates. Painted bright colored wall plates offer an inexpensive and fun way to liven up kid’s room.

When exploring designer switch plates, you would need to ensure that the color suits the existing style of the room where they will be used. If your room has elegant and sophisticated style of décor, the solution may be expensive. However, affordable paintable plates can be customized in bronze, copper, pewter, and brass colors for an added elegance. For adding fun and vibrancy, choose plates in red, orange, purple, and other bright colors.

Make colored wall plates truly your own by choosing paintable wall plates that allow you to create an exact match of your wall’s color an texture creating a cool look with a seemless design.


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