Sunday, 27 October 2013

Alternative to adding wood switch covers to your home

Are you in the middle of a renovation and thinking of changing your switch covers into ones made out of wood? While wood looks neat and can be painted, wooden switch plates don’t match wall textures, and are more expensive and more difficult to paint when compared to pre-primed wall plates. Make your renovation easier with primed and ready to paint plastic wallplates so you can dramatically alter the look of your home.

While wooden plates can be painted, there are specially made plastic paintable plates that feature a variety of wall texture looks to match your room. Does your room have blue walls with an orange peel texture? Easy. Simply outfit the room with Orange Peel textured paintable wall plates and paint them to match your wall color.

A single wooden rocker plate can cost as much as $8. That’s the price of TWO primed and ready to paint rocker wall plates. Wood switch covers and plates also have to primed adding cost and time to your renovation project. Wood switch covers ideally need to be sealed to keep out dirt and dust, by applying a urethane finish adding further cost and time to the process. Consider an inexpensive functional alternative to wooden switch covers, while letting you get the most out of your investment.

Replace your boring cream or white switch covers with easy to paint, durable paintable wall plates. They will add a seemless elegance to your room’s décor..


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