Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An Introduction to Wall Plates

Wall plates are typically used to cover electrical devices and wiring. Different kinds of wall plates can be used with power receptacles, light switches, audio cables and other types of switches. Decorative wall plates help to create an appealing look and effectively hide wires and cables to reduce any risk of electrical shock.

You can choose any decorative wall plate as per the device that you are using. There are both light switch covers that can be used with both small and large switches. These usually come with a small hole in the middle that accommodate a traditional light switch, similarly large holes to accommodate flat and large switches.

In addition, there are wall plates designed to accommodate two or more switches that may be known as a dual wall plate. Other multi-hole plates can even contain three or more switches. You can even find some combination of units that can include holes for light switches and devices such as dimmer switches or receptacle plates.

Receptacle plates are basically used to cover the electrical outlets placed at different locations. These plates are fixed over a standard electrical outlet and appear in single, double or four-way units.

When you need to enhance your home decor, getting sophisticated wall plates is a good option.


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