Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Finding the Right Wall Plates for Your Home – Some Considerations

A typical wall plate will satiate a simple but necessary function of keeping wires, outlets and switches covered and away from fingers. With a range of colors and materials to choose from, switch and wall plates can enhance the décor of your any room. Before investing in expensive decorative or colored wall plates for your home, there are certain considerations to ensure an optimum buying experience.

A look at the essential aspects to consider while choosing a wall plate:

Configuration: Wall and switch plates are accessible in a wide variety of configurations in order to fit different types of outlets, electrical switches, and phone or data jacks. In order to buy the right wall plate for your needs, take a simple accounting of the switches and outlets in your room.

Wall Texture: Standard inexpensive wall plates may work just fine for basic paint jobs, but if you have textured walls – orange peel, hand trowel or knock down – look for wall plates that come already textured.

Color: While there are several color and designer plates to choose from, colored plates are typically not a perfect match for your room color or wall texture. Look for inexpensive paintable wall plates. These wall plates come packaged ready to paint – textured and primed. If you’ve invested in wall texturing or custom colors, paintable wall plates will complete your room’s look.


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