Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Decorative Wall Switch Covers for Enhancing Your Room Design

Gone are the days when using cheap wallpaper or installing expensive murals were the some of the options available to spice up your room. To achieve your haven’s dream, the appearance of your room starts with choosing themes and specific designs for your interior. There are some creative accessories on the market that can complete your room’s design.

After painting your room an elegant red you think everything looks fine. Then your attention gazes upon multiple plain spots – rectangular patches of the wall with a white or otherwise mismatched color that plainly are out of place in your new red room – light switch and wall plates. What do you do? There are several options – colored plates, wallpapering the plates, painting a standard plate – all of which are not ideal. Instead, pickup a wall plate that is already textured and primed that allows for easy painting and a complete match to your room’s design.

Available in four different textures, paintable wall plates allow you to apply your own design or paint color - ranging from animal prints to simple paint colors. Transform the look of your walls with your personally designed decorative wall plates and covers.


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