Monday, 22 July 2013

Decorative Switch Plates – Various Color Options

Of late, there has been a revolution in the colors and designs of wall switch plates. Now you can avoid the use of dull and boring white colored switch plates. There are a number of different designs and colors of plates available in the market to suit your room décor.

Try these colors:

Red: Red being a popular color in homes everywhere, try adding red hot colored switch plates in your home. It is a great way to accent a room with a red switch plate cover.

Yellow: Consider tinge of yellow like lemon, gold and canary yellows in decorative switch plates to adorn your room – it will definitely brighten up your interiors.

Green: Want to make all your friends and neighbors go green with envy? They will when they eye your stylish green switch plates in different attractive designs.

Blue: Placing a small item like a blue switch plate can do well to give the viewer's eye a place to rest, particularly in a room that's full of colors.

Black: Using black on lighter-colored surfaces is enough to create an aura of sophistication and class that is hard to beat. You can pair this bold color with white, yellow or pink to get an unforgettable aesthetic look.


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