Monday, 22 July 2013

Bid Adieu to the Boring Look of your Rooms

It’s time to say goodbye to the boring look of all your rooms – you can highlight your creative side by placing an eye-catching decorative switch plates in primary colors. Include the primary colors like blue, red, and yellow and see how it transforms the look of your rooms. If you want to make a bold statement in any room use these shades from head-to-toe, or rather ceiling-to-floor. You can also easily achieve this unique look without painting – just pick some wall switch plate covers available in these primary colors.

Use your decorative wall switch plates effectively in your room by matching one of colors to other shades that decorated with and used in your room. This will bring out a more consistent look and make them blend with the room decor while still bringing a touch of creativity and fun. For a more daring effect, just contrast the primary colors in the plates with their complementing color, for instance use blue decorative outlet covers against a pink wall or go for a yellow outlet cover on your purple patterned wallpaper.  

Your primary color decorative switch plate covers can be solid streaks of color against a plain wall and can also serve as an artwork. Either way, they'll be anything but dull.


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