Thursday, 25 July 2013

Adding a decorative spark to your home interiors with painted switch plates

Gone are the days when people used plain, white, rectangular shaped switch plates in their living rooms and bedrooms. Switch plates are no longer used for just covering up the electrical outlets and protecting the homeowners from electric shock. They have gained an integral part in home décor.

More and more people are using painted switch plates to add a splash of color and spice to the otherwise dab room. Paintable switch plate covers are the latest item in the home décor market. They add a finishing touch to the interiors of a newly decorated room. Or by simply replacing the old fashioned switch plates and installing these creatively designed and painted switch plates and outlet covers, one can transform the very look and feel of one’s room without spending much on the renovation and remodelling of the whole room though.

Paintable switch plates provide an easy yet effective home décor solution. As decorative switch plates come in a plethora of designs, styles, themes, and colors, decorating one’s home as per one’s taste and requirements becomes so easy. You can pick the paintable wall plates in square shape, round, oval, or just about any other shape. You can also find the ones shaped like a flower or a star if you wish to add fun and interest to your kid’s bedroom. As far as materials are concerned, decorative switch plates are made out of wood, chrome, steel, ceramic, plastic, and even glass. You can buy the switch plates that fit within the overall decorative theme prevailing in your home and also your budget.

While paintable switch plates are generally used for adding a finishing stroke to the interiors of a home, they can also be your starting point and you may build the rest of the room around them. After you have chosen the decorative switch plates, you can match the color to the walls, to the window treatments, floor rugs, and furnishings inside the room. You can even add lamp shades, chandeliers, and other decorative items that match with your decorative switch covers. Match everything inside your room with you paintable switch plates to let your home boast of unmatchable style and beauty.

If you are creative and clever, you can make your switch plate the muse for your room’s décor. The right paintable switch covers and plates would work as the masterpiece on your wall, adding oomph in your home décor. You may also search for ideas and tips on using painted switch plates and switch covers for decorating your home. Do not just limit yourself to the local hardware store in order to buy the decorative switch plates. Browse the innumerable options that are available out there on the web to get your inspiration.

Create a decorative spark in your home with paintable switch covers and your guests would not only appreciate your sense of home décor, but would also keep asking you for your advice.


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